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I. General Information
1. Company Name:
– Abbreviation: VNECT
2. Address of the Company:
– Address Blank Base: Thu Le 1 P6-C3, Cong Vi Ward, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi
– Address: No. 66, Dich Vong Street, Dich Vong Ward, Cau Giay District, Hanoi City
– Telephone: 04.3766.0381
– Fax: 04.3766.6921
– Email: Vnect.tvxd@gmail.com;
3. certificate of business registration
– Business code: 0101600081
– Date of issue: First date revision level 14/01/2005 06/12/2013 8 days
– Issuer: Department of Planning and Investment in Hanoi
4. Tax code: 0101600081
5.The amounts: – 020 001 406 567 Trading in Saigon Commercial Bank Up – Thang Long Branch
(Sacombank branch Thang Long)
– 0081100707004 at Bank of TM Joint Army (MB-Xuan Thuy)
6. Capital: 20 billion VND (Twenty billion)
7. Director Company: KTS. Le Van Sang
8. The business lines: (based Certificate Registration shareholding company by Department of Planning and Investment in Hanoi city):
a�? Architecture and legal advice related. Detail:
i?? Construction Consulting include: Preparation of investment projects, feasibility study report estimates the total works, procurement consulting, appraisal of investment projects, project management for civil works use, industrial parks, urban areas, export processing, transportation, irrigation, water supply, technology transfer consultancy;
i?? Advising bidding documents and evaluate tenders for construction and installation of equipment;
i?? topographical survey, geological engineering, hydrogeology;
i?? Design of space in architecture, interior and exterior, for the construction of civil and industrial;
i?? Structural design: for works Xoy monoclonal building, industrial, technical infrastructure of urban areas;
i?? Design Power: construction work for mining, civil and industrial;
i?? Consultation construction quality supervision;
i?? Consulting, examination: Profile design, estimation and settlement of the civil construction, industrial;
i?? Experiment Field (In the construction sector);
i?? Consultancy and construction for termite prevention works;
i?? charge of designing the irrigation works;
i?? Design of water supply;
i?? Designing bridges, roads;
i?? Design of civil engineering and infrastructure;
i?? electromechanical design of civil, industrial;
i?? Design of civil engineering, industrial;
i?? Supervision of construction and civil engineering industry (professional field supervision, installation of equipment);
i?? Monitoring irrigation construction, hydropower (professional field supervision, construction and finishing);
i?? Supervision of construction of civil works, industrial, road, traffic, water supply, power supply, technical infrastructure (professional field supervision, construction and finishing);
i?? Advising bidding documents and the analysis and evaluation of tenders for selection of construction consultants, construction contractors, contractors, equipment suppliers, construction general contractors, architectural contests in the fields of civil construction, industrial, transportation, irrigation, water supply, power supply, technical infrastructure;
i?? Consulting design verification, estimation and settlement works: irrigation, water supply, transportation (bridges, roads), technical infrastructure. /.
i?? Test and evaluate the current status of quality of construction works;
a�? Construction of railways and roads. Detail:
i?? Construction of traffic works, irrigation, infrastructure, urban areas;
a�? Installation of electrical systems. Detail:
i?? Installation of surveillance camera systems, card access control;
– Installation of lightning protection systems tall buildings; electrical networks, industrial electrical, fire protection systems;
a�? Installation of water supply and sewage systems, heating and air conditioning. Detail:
i?? Installation of drainage systems;
a�? Dedicated design activities. Detail:
i?? Interior and exterior works;
a�? Activities supporting financial services nec yet. Detail:
i?? Consultancy and abroad (not including legal advice)
a�? Production of building materials from clay. Detail:
i?? Production of construction materials;
a�? Rental of machinery, equipment and other tangible items. Detail:
i?? Rental of machinery, equipment and materials for the construction industry;
a�? Wholesale rice. Details: food wholesale;
a�? Service activities Other business support remaining nec. Detail:
i?? Export commodities trading company;
a�? Transport, other land passenger. Detail:
i?? passenger transportation;
a�? Additional Retail outlets integrated business. Detail:
i?? Retail and variety of goods in supermarkets, minimart, a business center, selling a variety of goods: clothing, shoes, appliances, hardware products, cosmetics, jewelry, toys, can Sports, utensils, food, including food, beverages or tobacco pipe tobacco products revenue accounted for a smaller share of other items;
a�? Wholesale synthesis. Detail:
i?? Goods crafts;
a�? Wholesale material, other equipment installed in the building. Detail:
i?? Wholesale building materials;
i?? Wholesale food
a�? Wholesale of other household appliances. Details: Sale of packaging, cosmetics;
a�? Check and technical analysis. Detail:
i?? Certification of conformity of the construction work;
i?? Environmental Impact Assessment;
i?? construction materials testing, static compression test of reinforced concrete pile works;
a�? Sales of real estate, land use rights of the owner’s rights, the use or rental. Detail:
i?? Sales of real estate;
a�? Transportation of goods by road. Detail:
i?? Cargo;
a�? Travel Agents. Detail:
i?? Travel domestic, international travel;
i?? Business cultural resort village, ecotourism parks, farms, sports recreation (tennis courts, golf course, pool, lake, fishing);
a�? Installation of other building systems. Detail:
i?? Purchase and installation of elevator equipment for construction works;
II. The organizational structure of contractors
1. Structure of the contractor:
a. Board of Directors:
– General Director Le Van Sang Architects
– Deputy General Director Ta Van Thu KSXD
– Deputy General Director Nghiem KSXD Red Sea
– Deputy General Director Le Quang Khoa Dien KS
b. The provision:
– Technical Department
– Administration – Accounting
C. The production unit:
– Center for Development and Investment Project (LF)
– Center for Technology Development and Construction (BC)
– Infrastructure Development Center (THT)
– Center for Project Management and Construction works (TXL)
– Center VNECT Chang’an (TVA)
– Enterprise Consulting I
– Enterprise Consultant II
2. The capacity of the contractor personnel:
No Activities Quantity Notes
1 Head of the project 5
2 Director of Project Management Consultants 5
3 Chairman of the urban planning schemes
4 Chaired specialized disciplines of urban planning
5 construction survey manager 3
6 Chairman of the design XDCT 3
7 Chaired design XDCT 10
8 commanders of the 3
17 9 Construction Engineer
10 Architects 4
11 economic construction engineer 7
12 Engineer specialized construction 33
13 BA in economics 13


Chairman of the Board of Management is the program, work plans of the Board, preparation of programs, contents and documents for the meetings, convene and chair meetings of the Board; Organization of the Board of Directors approved the decision in another form; monitor the process of implementation of decisions of the Board; chairing the General Meeting of Shareholders and the rights and duties stipulated in the Law on Enterprises and the company’s charter.
General director of the company was the legal representative of the company for issues related to the operation and management of the company, the implementation of the resolutions of the General Meeting of Shareholders and the decisions of the Board , organizing and operating the daily operations of the company. Director General has the authority and responsibility to perform the following:
– Decision, the signing of contracts, agreements and other documents.
– Organization of drafting business plans and budgets submitted to the Board of Directors or the General Meeting of Shareholders.
– Executive management and organization of the implementation of the business plan that was approved by the decision of the General Meeting of Shareholders or the Board.
– Executive surveillance operation of the business of the Company generally.
– Representing the company before state agencies and others on all matters related to the company’s activities in the framework of the Charter and the resolutions and decisions of the General Meeting of Shareholders or Board.
The deputy general director of the right by the Director General who take jobs or certain management areas. When assigned to the deputy general director responsible organizations responsible for the implementation and completion of the previous Director General on the results of its implementation.
The Advisory Council, the Scientific Council, the Council functions include experts … have the function of advising the General Director of the company in the process of management decisions, manufacturing and trading.
The function room is responsible for advising the Director General on the management direction and professional guidance to member units of the company in the areas of expertise under their charge.
Director of a member unit is responsible to the General Director of Labour and collective units on the results of the management and operation of all production and business activities and other activities of their units.
Relations between the rooms together is the cooperation, support contracts to complete common tasks of JSC Economic Consulting – Construction Engineering Xoy Vietnam.
Depending on the size of each project, each project, the company organizing the project management board, steering committee under the company site to direct the implementation of projects and construction.
Site commanders directing all operations of the school, before the company responsible for the quality, efficiency and safety at the site.




Total experience in construction consulting: 15 years
Total experience in construction and installation: 13 years
Total experience in project management consulting: 13 years

The nature of work TT Experience
1 Lap investment projects, feasibility studies report 15 years
2 Survey of construction, construction planning consultancy 15 years
3 Consulting design and construction drawing estimate making 15 years
4 Review design drawings and construction estimating 15 years
5 Prepare bidding documents and the analysis and evaluation of bids for 15 years
6 Construction Supervision Consultant and equipment installation work 13 years
7 Construction and installation and installation of equipment for 13 years
8 Laboratory test and evaluate the current status of quality of construction works for 13 years
9 Project Management Consultant for 13 years

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